Power up anywhere with MRM

Industrial and Domestic Generators for International Supply

Welcome to MRM International

We are an independent Private Limited Company supplying a wide range of industrial and domestic gen-sets, water or air cooled, prime power or standby power, exporting worldwide with sets in Many countries around the world.

  • Open sets, Soundproof canopy, super silenced canopy, trailers.
  • Sets can be manufactured to customer specifications.
  • Diesel 2- 5000KVA keystart, remote start Auto mains failure , change over panel.
  • GAS SETS 5-1000KVA Gas fuelled system.
  • 6KVA diesel - contact us for winter special deals whilst stocks last. Don't be left In The Dark!
  • Range Petrol 1 To 13kva open sets, soundproof sets, long run tanks.